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Air China Airlines

About Air China

Air China Airlines is the national carrier of the Republic of China bearing the enterprise logo of the “Phoenix”. Air China is the only airline company in the world to carry its national flag and ranks is the 18th largest airline in the world. With its base in Taiwan, Air China flies to all popular countries around the world operating above 5000 flights each week. Air China aspires to be the most valuable airline in China with a major international presence, strong profit earnings and a competitive edge in the worldwide market.

Air China History

Air China Limited which is formerly known as Air China was founded in Beijing on September 30, 2004 and is held by the China National Aviation Holding with China National Aviation Company and China Southwest Airlines.

Air China Fleet

The Air China Fleet has constantly being expanding and currently stands at 210 aircrafts which majorly include Airbus A340-300, A330-200, A320-200, A319-200 and Boeing B747-400, B767-300ER, B767-200 , B737-700 and B737-300 aircrafts.

Air China Operations

Air China operates regular flights to over 70 international destinations across 26 countries. Its network extends from China to Asia and the Middle East, Western Europe and North America. Some of the popular locations it flies to include Amsterdam, Rome, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Kula Lumpur, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Sydney and Brisbane. In India, Air China flies to Delhi and Mumbai.