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Alitalia Airlines Tickets & Flight Schedules

About Alitalia Airlines

Alitalia Airlines is an Italian Airline based in Milan and is the 19th largest passenger airline by fleet size. Headquartered in Rome, Alitalia Airlines operates to 24 domestic flights across 70 international destinations across the world. Alitalia Airlines and operates more than 2300 flights weekly from six important business hubs: Rome Fiumicino, Milan, Turin, Venice, Naples and Catania. Alitalia takes to the skies with the goal of becoming number one in Italy and gain substantial presence in the world market.

Alitalia Airlines History

Alitalia Airlines started off with a Fiat G-12 flight to Catania via Rome on May 1947.The airline's International flight was inaugurated two months later and in March of the following year Alitalia marked its first intercontinental flight. Since then Alitalia Airlines has stood out in the Italian market and continued to build its network worldwide.

Alitalia Airlines Fleet

Alitalia Airlines boasts of a total of 173 short and medium haul aircrafts. The international routes are flown by the B777-200s and B767-300s and Airbus 330s while the domestic routes use Airbus 321s, 320s e 319s, MD80-82s and Boeing 737-400s and 737-300s for flying. Alitalia uses Embraer 170s, Bombardier CRJ900s and Avro RJ70s for its regional routes.

Alitalia Airlines Operations

Alitalia Airlines has well-scheduled flights to 28 cities in Italy with around 841 destinations worldwide. The airlines operate the highest number of non-stop flights to Italy to the United States than any other country. Alitalia offers direct connections between Italy and larger international Airports. In India, Alitalia Airlines flies to Mumbai.