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Finn Air Tickets & Flight Schedules

About Finn Air

Finn Air is one of the oldest Airlines in the world and is the National carrier of Finland. Headquartered in Vantaa Finland and is a member of oneworld alliance. Finn Air flies to major cities in Finland and the rest of the world supported by a network of 15 domestic and 55 international destinations. The Finn Air Group operates in passenger and leisure traffic. Technical and ground handling, catering along with travel reservation services.

Finn Air History

Finn Air was founded on November 1, 1923.In recent times, Finn Air's strategy has focused on the European and Asian markets and continues to focus in long-haul expansion.

Finn Air Fleet

Finn Air operates one of Europe's youngest and eco-efficient fleets in the world. This smart finish fleet consists of Airbus A340s, A320s and A319s and Boeing 757s, Embraer 190s and Embraer 170s. The average age of the aircrafts is 6.1 years.

Finn Air Operations

Finn Air has emerged as a major player in air traffic between Europe and Asia and dominates both the domestic and international travel markets in Finland. The airline operates regular flights to all major cities in Finland and various destinations in Asia, North America and Europe. In the leisure sector, it flies to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Caribbean and South East Asia. In India Finn Air operates non-stop flights to New Delhi and Mumbai.