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Turkish Airlines Tickets & Flight Schedules

About Turkish Airlines

Being renowned with the logo of 'Globally yours' Turkish Airlines is one of the most passenger preferred airline. Turkish Airlines is well known beacuase of its unmatched excellence and satisfied customer service. Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey. The airlines main hub is located in Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport with secondary hubs located at Ankara Esenboga and Sahiba Gokcen International Airports respectively. Turkish Airlines flies to 70 countries around the world. This airline's business class category is a great option for those looking for luxury and comfort and come with an array of specialized services. Turkish Airways has many years of experience providing its passengers with high quality and optimum hospitality and is an official member of the Star Alliance Network.

Turkish Airlines History

Turkish Airlines was founded on 20th of May 1993 as the State Airlines Administration and has through these years evolved itself to make this mark. Turkish Airlines initial fleets were the five seater Curtis kingbird, a two four seater Junker F-13 and a ten seater Tupolev ANT-9 and in the year 1945 Douglas DC-3 first flew. Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey. Turkish Airlines holds its main headquarters at the Turkish Airlines General Management Building on the grounds of Ataturk Airport in Yesilköy, Bakirköy, Istanbul. Turkish Airlines foucus cities are that of Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul, Asian side and Izmir. Turkish Airlines has always given priority to its customers and makes sure you get a mesmerizing travel experience. Turkish Airlines frequent flyer program is called the Miles&Smiles. Turkish Airlines was founded in May 20, 1933 in Ankara under the name of "Sate Airlines Administration" under the department of the Ministry of Defense.

Turkish Airlines Fleet

Turkish Airlines schedules its airline service to over 163 destinations and 41 domestic cities and in the whole 204 airports all over the Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Turkish Airlines has recently added 91 destinations to its airline setting a benchmark for utmost convenience. With over 18,188 employees as calculated on 3th June 2011 the Turkish Airlines is also the member of Star Alliance since 1st April 2008. Turkish Airlines fleet size is 209 and its subsidiaries include Anadolujet, North Cyprus Airlines, Sunexpress THY DO&CO Ikram Hizmetleri A.S . TGS Yer Hizmetleri A.S, THY OPET Havacilik Yakitlari A.S, P&W T.T. Uçak Bakim Merkezi Ltd. Sti. Some of the fleet of the Turkish Airlines are Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900Er etc.Turkish Airlines has a modern and efficient fleet of aircrafts including Airbus A340s, A330s, A310-304s, A321s, A320s, A319s and Boeing B737-800s and B737-400s, The airline recently ordered 36 Airbuses and 15 Boeing aircrafts making it one of the largest fleets in Europe. The average age of the fleet is 6.2 years.

Turkish Airlines Operations

Turkish Airlines was has achieved a new standard of revenues, it carried in the year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 around 17 million, 19.7 million, 22.5 million, 25.1 million, 29 million and 32.6 million passengers adding up to total revenues of US$2.23, $3.0, $4.5, $4, $5.6 and $7.1 billion, respectively. Turkish Airlines had been chosen to sponsor footballs club that of the Fc Barcelona, Manchester untied and it is also a sponsor of Turkish Airlines Euro league. Turkish Airlines has time again proved its superiority over others and its flamboyance as it has been twice crowned the Skytrax awards for Europe's best Airline, World's Best premium Economy Airline and Southern Europe's Best Airline in the year 2011 and 2012. Turkish Airlines which is a 79 year old airline has gifted its esteemed clientele with utmost warmth, hospitality and tender and royal care which they cherished for so that you truly feel on top of the world. Turkish Airlines operates scheduled flights to nearly 70 countries in 140 international and 35 domestic cities serving 155 airports across the world in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The major cities included in its route plan include New York, Chicago, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo. In India, Turkish Airlines flies to Delhi and Mumbai.