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Virgin Atlantic Airlines Tickets & Flight Schedules

About Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British Airline owned by Richard Branson's Virgin Group and Singapore Airlines. They both hold 51 % and 49% shares of the airline. Virgin Atlantic has its main hub in Heathrow, London and another in London Gatwick. It flies to 26 destinations around the world including Dubai and Montego Bay. Virgin Atlantic also has a small base in Manchester airport and plans to expand its routes in the forthcoming years. The company holds the United Civil Aviation Authority 'Type A' license to carry passengers, cargo and goods and abides by the mission of safety, security and consistent delivery in its endeavors.

Virgin Atlantic History

Virgin Atlantic was born in 1984 with the assistance of Richard Branson who was earlier associated with Virgin Records. Branson bought British Atlantic Airways and the new airline began its operations on June 22, 1984 with an inaugural flight from Heathrow to Newark. In 1999 Branson sold 49% of his shares to Singapore Airlines.

Virgin Atlantic Fleet

Virgin Atlantic has one of the youngest fleets in the world with the average age of an aircraft being less than 6 years. Its current fleet consists of Airbus A340s and Boeing 747s. The company also plans to add Airbus A380 to its existing fleet to revolutionize on board travel.

Virgin Atlantic Operations

Virgin Atlantic operates to over 26 destinations worldwide covering United Kingdom, North America, Africa, United States, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Oceana and the Caribbean.75% of Virgin Atlantic flights take off from its main hub in Heathrow with the remainder from Gatwick and Manchester Airports respectively. The airline also operates a seasonal flight from Glasgow International Airport. In India, the airline flies to Delhi and Mumbai.