Diwali is the highly awaited festival among Indians. Though it is a Hindu festival, all communities participate enthusiastically in the celebration of Diwali irrespective of caste, religion and ethnicity. Diwali is the festival of lights. It commemorates the homecoming of Lord Rama who is believed to have killed the demon Rawana in order to rescue his beloved wife from his forceful enslavement. People decorate their houses with candles and diyas to welcome Lord Rama. The people also perform Laxmi puja (prayers to Goddess Laxmi, Goddess of wealth) on this festival. Goddess Laxmi is believed to visit the households and bless every family with a prosperous life.

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Diwali is a five day festival with the third day being the most important. People prepare delicious feasts and distribute gifts and sweets among their loved ones. The evening is resplendent with light works adding numerous glories to the sky. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad, the cities are fully adorned on this particular eve. Cheap air fares and easy booking services allow people to get a taste of Diwali celebrations in different parts of India. The hotels and resorts have special offers to lure national or foreign customers to give them an insight into the local traditions. The transforming India with easily available cabs, buses and other local transportation adds up to the adventure and enthusiasm associated with this wonderful festival.

Diwali is a festival incomplete without gifts and lots of shopping. To make the most out of it, leading brands come up with wonderful festive bonanzas and festive discounts. People buy new jewellery, cloths, electronic appliances and other necessary home appliances. The shopping malls and other stores across the towns plan various schemes to lure the customers. Diwali shouldn’t be missed at any cost. It not only offers lucrative deals on various products but also allows the tourists to have a rendezvous with the traditional Indian style. Zoomtra.com gives you this exiting opportunity to celebrate Diwali in the most elaborately planned and fulfilling way.