Delhi (the national capital territory of India) is a metropolitan region of India which includes the national capital New Delhi. Countless years of yore have contributed in the building of this splendid city which is presently the forth largest city of India. The city attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world who come to discover the bygone past as well relish the plentiful luxuries spread across Delhi.

The architectural and numismatic relics in Delhi date back to the grand Mauryan Age. Later, Delhi was a crucial part of the Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. The city has been attacked, plundered, ransacked and burnt to ashes on various occasions but it left behind all adversities and carried along the terrains of time. It is this invincibility that attracts people, students and historians particularly to form an emotional alliance with this wonderful city.

The present Delhi is rapt with the air of technological as well as social advancement. It has all sorts of luxuries and entertainment for its guests. The Delhi metro is a rapid and comfortable transit system serving Delhi and other near by cities. Cabs are easily available at very cheap rates. Tourists can either hire a cab or participate in group travel organized by various government and private agencies. The hotels, lodges and resorts in Delhi house the best amenities and offer highly luxuries stay. Tourists get to experience boutique services at highly reasonable prices.

The flights can be easily booked to Delhi using online booking services of People travelling from within India can avail the railway ticket booking services. Once you are in Delhi, you won't have a minute's time. From the opulent shopping malls, the magnificent hotel services to the cultural and ethnical tastes on the streets, the spirit of Delhi will reign high. Coming in the month of October and November offers the grandiose experience of participating in the enchanting festivals of Diwali and Dussehra. Every business premise and household, with their twinkling candles and diyas, would seem to welcoming you. Its an opportunity not to be missed at any cost. Make your partner and plan out an elaborate trip to Delhi.