Festivals In India

Ganesh Chaturthi - 29 AUG
Onam - 07 Sep
Dussehra - 04 Oct
Id Ul Zuha - 06 Oct
Dhanteras - 21 Oct
Deepawali - 23 Oct

India is a country of festivals. And as you travel across the length and the breath of the country, you realise that what makes India so-ever bustling and joyous is the exuberance with which its citizens celebrate the various festivals and its local traditions. Another important facet of our nation is that one can only enjoy its rich culture and festivities when one visits its special regions for the special celebrations. So if you are looking or a Dussera break, then travel to Kullu Valley, where this festival is celebrated with much fanfare. While If its a winter break that you seek, then don't forget to consider the Rann of Kutch, where winter sees the amalgamation of traditional gujrati hues as they celebrate the Rann Utsav. While if you are looking at celebrating Diwali and Holi, we assure you that no land beckons you like the land where these festivities originated. Yes, we are talking about Mathura and Ayodhya, where the festivities are larger than life. They are so amazing that they come luring to each individual. We at Zoomtra, promise you to offer you the best festival packages that transport you in the world of tradition and culture automatically. After all, its our business to make you happy and enjoy the magic of festivities.