Id Ul Zuha


Id Ul Zuhais one of the major festivals for Muslims and is celebrated all over India like other Muslim countries. It is celebrated for three days and is marked by the sacrifice of animals (goat, sheep, camel, and buffalo). This offering paves the way for the special prayers in the mosques. Scrumptious feasts are prepared by the ladies of the households and distributed among families and friends on this special occasion. The day honors Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion and determination so much so that he was about to sacrifice his first born son to please the almighty.

More Details :

Also called Bakr-Id, the celebrations of the festival begin after the annual Haj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia by Muslims from all over the world. With flights available at affordable prices, anyone can easily perform his/her Haj. The hotels and inns offer nice discounts to Haj pilgrims to praise their faith

The various Jama Masjids (main mosque of the town) in India are over crowded with people offering their love filled prayers to the mighty Allah. The Masjids with large gatherings, dressed in traditional and ethnic attires make up a spectacular sight. The most famous among these Masjids in India are the Jama Masjid in Delhi and Agra. With the quick and uninterrupted access to the internet people can plan a nice holiday to Agra and Delhi. The cheap air fares and railway fares add to the fun of the celebrations. The luxurious hotels in Agra and Delhi offering everything one desires for, allow one to grab the spirit of brotherhood and devotion that marks the celebrations of this festival.

Apart from this, the regions with Muslim domination in India give a completely authentic and thereby unique feel to the tourist. Hyderabad, for example is enveloped in the grand celebrations and various brands lure the customers with their festive discounts and concessions. It is a great time to come across the unity in diversity among the Indian masses. With you can plan a wonderful trip these lovely places and make the coming Id Ul Zuha unforgettable.