Located on the Malabar Coast, Kerala is a state on the south-west region of India. Kerala is famous all over the world and particularly the history text books as the major exporter of spices. The lucrative trade of the delectable spices of Kerala attracted the Portuguese in the fifteenth century and subsequently paved way for the British colonization of the entire India. Kerala is famous for its highest Human Development Index, sex ratio and literacy rate in India.

Hinduism is the major religion of the inhabitants of Kerala but the harvest festival of Onam gathers people of all communities under one roof. It is the most appropriate time to visit Kerala. This ten day long festival brings alive the legacy of Kerala in its best form. The happiness surrounding this festival is highly contagious and once you are in Kerala you cant escape the grand features that form the central part of the celebrations. All the luxuries boutique hotels and restaurants are elaborately decorated specially for the festival. There are numerous alluring offers that not only enhance your stay in this beautiful state but also bring about the authenticity and cheerfulness of this festival on your plate. The festive carousing and processions are unique in their own ways.

The backwaters, beaches, ayurvedic tourism and the tropical greenery magnetize a large number of tourists from across the world. Lake Sasthamkotta and Vembanad-Kol wetlands are mesmerizing green destination within the state that seem almost ethereal. Flights can be booked easily from anywhere in the world using the online booking facility of Indians willing travel by railways can book railway tickets at reasonable rates. Once you are in Kerala, you cant stop admiring the tremendous gifts of nature that lie safe within Kerala. Cabs and buses are easily available to take you all the enthralling and bewitching places in Kerala. With plan a trip to this state of fishermen and farmers where the picturesque sights are ready to take your breath away.