Onam is a festival celebrated by the residents of Kerala with immense enthusiasm. In Kerela it is the most important occasion in the calendar of festivities. The festival commemorates the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu (the preserver in Hindu trinity) and the subsequent homecoming of the illustrious king MahaBali, whose spirit is believed to visit Kerela during Onam. Onam is a harvest festival and is celebrated by the people of all communities in Kerela with extreme joy and fervor. It is an ancient festival whose opulence has only brightened with the passage of time.

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The beginning of the month of Chingam (the first month of Malayalam Calendar and the months of August-September in Gregorian calendar) marks the celebration of this exquisite festival. The celebrations of Onam last for about ten days. The First day and tenth day are most significant. The streets and houses of Kerela depict its rich culture during these celebrations. Kerela lights up like a newly wed bride and an atmosphere of happiness and brotherhood engulfs the whole state. Elaborate feasts, folk songs and dances, elephants, boats and flowers all get woven intricately to join millions of hearts across this beautiful state.

This ten day long festival brings alive the heritage of Kerela in its best form. The excitement surrounding this festival is highly contagious and once you are in Kerela you can’t escape the grand features that form a crucial part of the celebrations. The hotels and restaurants are elaborately decorated to let out the feel of the festival. There are numerous alluring offers that not only enhance your stay in this beautiful state but also bring about the authenticity and cheerfulness of this festival on your plate. You can tour the city at much cheaper rates and be a witness to a marvelous celebration.

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