California: The great American playground

From the finest theme parks of America, to the famous Silicon Valley and the ever glamourous Hollywood—California is perfect playground for fun with friends and family. This summers, explore this amazing venue for fun


Located on the western coast of North America, California is a dream destination for both, the old and the young. And while the Southern part of California lures the young with its theme parks like Disneyland and Sea World, the not-so-old love it for its Hollywood, its beaches in Malibu, its Golden Gate Bridge, and of course its vineyards of Napa Valley. California is also famous for its national parks, lakes, rivers, deserts, redwood glens, and wind-tousled peaks. To grasp California’s true gold, you must leave the words behind and go to one of the state’s many special places. Experience the outdoor magic at the edge of Lake Tahoe. Hoist a backpack and head for the backcountry of the Los Padres National Forest near Ojai, where you can hike to a swimming hole framed by a granite gorge. You can even take a boat out to one of the five islands of Southern California's Channel Islands National Park and camp where sea lions outnumber campers a thousand to one. And being a destination that is chock-full of attractions for kids of all ages, especially the under-18, this destination is also a hot tourist destination for Indians during their summer vacations. From Disneyland, the granddaddy of all theme parks, to world-class aquariums, zoos, historical museums, and outdoor activities, California will keep your family engaged and hopping.

DISNEYLAND, Orange County, CA- When talking theme parks, everybody starts with Walt's creation, Disneyland, which launched a worldwide phenomenon. Almost no one bypasses the Magic Kingdom, and this iconic theme park has added even more reasons to visit. This theme park is a place where imagination is the destination. For young and old, big and small — it's the happiest place on earth! Come build memories with your family that last a lifetime as you discover the wonder of this magical, fantastical world. When you enter one of the Lands that comprise Disneyland Park, stories come to life around you, immersing you in tales from some of your favorite Disney films. When you visit Disneyland don’t miss these: If your family is into adventure, now in Disneyland you can find the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, a fabulous overhaul of the park's classic submarine ride. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has also gotten a fun new twist. Now, as you ride on the boats through the watery adventure, you see a dreadlocked Captain Jack Sparrow (keep your hand on your wallet and your wife) popping up unexpectedly throughout the ride. In Star Tours, you get a chance to learn light-saber moves from a Jedi Master. It's all meant to make your day a little more magic.

SEA WORLD, San Diego, CA - SeaWorld has jazzed up its always astonishing orca exhibit, showcase for the world-famous Shamu. The park now includes a nighttime rock ’n roll orca extravaganza with a dizzying light show. As with any Shamu show, don’t sit anywhere near the first 14 rows unless you're okay getting soaked. Also at SeaWorld, the rare chance to slip on a wetsuit (the water is 55 degrees) to interact with beluga whales, walruses, seals, and possibly even a polar bear.SeaWorld has also mixed it up on the thrill-ride front. Climb into a mock Greek fishing boat on Journey to Atlantis and rise skyward, first through a foggy mist then out into a world of blue--SeaWorld below, Mission Bay sparkling all around .

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD, Los Angeles, CA- Go behind the scenes at Universal Studios . Climb aboard one of the park's trams, with state-of-the-art HD monitors adding to your experience at every seat. You'll visit real movie sets to discover how movie magic is made. Cruise along Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives, see real set pieces from the movie King Kong, and be spooked by the likes of Norman at the Bates Motel or a certain mega-shark from one of the scariest movies ever made. The regular Studio Tour is included with park admission. For even more insights into the movie-making process, consider splurging on the VIP Experience, which includes valet parking, refreshments, and your own private guide taking you to real sound stages and back lots. Only Universal Studios lets you ride the movies and go behind the scenes of a real working movie studio.