PNR Status

and do much more all at one place !


Till about a few years back information on

PNR status

was either found at a station enquiry counter or the phone. But now, you can check your railway PNR status online on the official site of the Indian Railways. You can do the same by simply entering your 10 digits unique PNR number printed on your train ticket. The PNR Status tool checks the PNR number for any Train in India to confirm your railway reservation PNR status.

The official Indian Railways website is extremely comprehensive and answers all your travel related queries. While on one hand it provides you with information such as availability of trains, seats, routes that a certain train would follow, fares, etc. it also gives you special package offers that includes both budget and luxury options to suit your pocket. Additionally, you can even take care of your cancellations right here from the comfort of your homes.

So, next time you plan to travel, simply log on the official Indian Railway website and book your ticket online and avail the innumerable advantages that the rail department has to offer!

Important : Check Indian Railways PNR Status on