Railway Booking


Indian Railways has seen some very glorified years in the Indian history. The face of railways has changed a lot ever since the launch of first train from Mumbai to Thane but the pleasure and excitement remains the same till date. Do you know that Indian network of rails is probably the biggest rail network in the world catering 20 million commuters and travelers every day. Although there has been the advent of domestic airlines with cheap tickets, yet majority people of all the classes prefer rail transport to cover distances in the Indian subcontinent. Indian Railways booking service is a very hassle free and caters to the need of millions of passengers every day.

Railway Booking and Reservations
Indian Railways have established different facilities for railway reservations due to the increase in the number of passengers and travelers with each passing day. Unlike the good old days where long queues at the railway booking counter was the only way to book train tickets, the user can now book tickets online within few minutes and without any hassle of spending time in queues.
Just like everything else, Indian Railways have established itself on the World Wide Web which is just a click away. Isn't it?

Below are the various options for booking rail tickets in India:
You can go directly to a railway station to book tickets - This is the most traditional way of booking train tickets. Booking tickets online: This is the most convenient and hassle free ticket booking service since it can be done from anywhere anytime, 24x7. All you need is your computer, Internet connection and obviously a ticket booking website or portal. Tickets for long distance journeys can be booked 90 days earlier before the train is scheduled to depart. For short distance journeys through train, the time span is 30 days. You can book your online tickets directly from here easily. All you need to do is to fill up a form.

Besides booking tickets, online railway booking offers more services such as checking train schedule, PNR status, train number, type, availability of tickets and cancellation as well. Along with the online facilities, you can also make any railway enquiry by sending an SMS through your mobile; it is a whole new service from IRCTC. The Tatkal System: With tatkal booking facility, you can book a train ticket 72 hours before the train departure but you shall have to pay an extra fee to avail the facility. Since this facility is for emergency booking, there is no refund option available. Happy Journey!!!