Tatkal Booking


In the country like India where Railway is one of the most popular and cheapest means of transportation, it is always difficult to book confirmed tickets for the journey. The population that the country has, it doesn't match up with number of trains running on various routes especially those connecting the metros cities. Indian Railways is trying to meet the ever increasing demand of over billion people. Tatkal booking is like a bonus point in the Indian Railways Reservation System.

Tatkal Booking and New Changes in the Booking Rules
First of all, let us understand that the Tatkal booking is perfect forurgent travel requirements of the passengers. If you have to plan your journey at a short notice, tatkal ticket booking is the best option. To make the tatkal ticket booking easier for the passengers, Indian Railways have brought few changes in the rules and regulations of the ticket booking. Earlier tatkal booking was available 3 days prior to the train departure schedule and the timing for ticket booking used to begin at 8am but now with the latest rule, one can book tatkal tickets one day before train arrival schedule and the booking time has changed from 8 am to 10 am. These changes have made it very easy for the passengers to book their Tatkal Ticket Online.

How to Book your Tatkal Ticket Online?
Since the timing has changed to 10:00 am, you will always find a long queue on the railway ticket counters for Tatkal booking. Majority of time it so happens that when your turn comes, the tatkal tickets have already been sold. But, with Online booking, there are no such problems for the passengers. Here, you can book your e-ticket quite easily with tatkal quota. You just have to check the seat availability in tatkal quota and fill the details to get your ticket confirmed. There is no additional charge so you save your time as well as money. The steps are very simple. Once the passenger and train details are filled, you can easily make your payment Online. Remember that after tatkal booking, it is important to print out the e-ticket for journey. So, get your tatkal booking Online and enjoy a safe and hassle-free railway journey.