Trains List


The train list or train time table is a comprehensive inventory of the times that trains arrive at and depart from specified locations. The Indian Railways timetables are published in various forms from comprehensive books covering an entire system to small cards that list the departure times from a single location.

Apart from physical forms, a train timetable can also be found online on the official site of Indian Railways, which lists the date, departure and arrival timing of trains from all locations of the country. Apart from displaying the timetable, this site also gives you the price list of train fares, availability of tickets for a particular train, special package deals and much more.

The Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks throughout the world traversing a total length of 63,000 KM across the country. It is very evident that the train timetable for such an enormous rail route is also as humungous as it can get! The Indian Railways has put in consolidated efforts to bring the entire network together for the convenience of the travelers. Apart from the Indian Railways, train timetables can also be found on various other travel websites.

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