Train Timetable


Train journey can be lots of fun and excitement for everyone. However, before opting Railway journey, there are few of such things that you must see to make your tour hassle free which includes time schedule, arrival, departure, seat availability, fare, PNR etc. All such information can be easily availed in a Train time Table. It contains train schedule of all the trains that travels covering major and minor railway stations across the country. It provides you the train schedules of all the trains in the system making it easy for you to decide which train you can book as per your need and convenience.

So, considering the comfort of passengers, Indian Railways has introduced very easy and intuitive time table which comprises of all the information about the arrival and departure of trains, seats availability, pantry car accessibility and lot more. Also known as "Train at a glance", it is a quick and simple guide for domestic and international passengers.
Train Time Table comprises of following information:
  • Train name along with the train number and destination stations
  • Current Train running Status
  • All Passing Trains at Station
  • PNR, Seat Availability and Fare
  • Shortest Train Route
But even after understanding the train information, train enquiry as well as booking rail ticket is one of the biggest challenges nowadays for passengers. You need to travel to railway station or go to near railway reservation center in your city for ticket reservation. After going through the train time table and schedule, you need to fill out a form and then stand in a long queue to book tickets. But today the entire set up of the ticket reservation has changed. With the introduction of online train time table, railway booking process becomes quite simple and easy. You can easily book your tickets online and can learn about the train schedule at the comfort of your convenience.

Follow the simple steps to learn about your train schedule online:
  1. Go to the official website
  2. Search for the train between the two stations
  3. Then fill up the required details and understand the respective train status
So, online train time table is key solution to all your queries regarding train arrival, departure, PNR status etc. So, book your tickets now and make your train journey unforgettable.