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The Planned Life
Jeffrey Tayler writes about planned life, or his contempt of one, for worldhum.
...living according to a plan—college, job, promotion, buying a house, marriage, child one, child two, setting up a 401K, retirement, dotage and death—I’ve never seen the sense of it. In fact, my own writing career began with the rejection of such a planned life—with, in other words, a revolt, a revolt inspired by reading. In light of the materialistic mania and money-making prospects of the 1980s, when I came of age, this revolt seemed, to many I knew then, a senseless risk. In retrospect, though, I see it as my first step toward independence and pursuing the profession I was meant for, toward becoming alive.

Read the full article - Insanity and the Traveling Life.
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Arun Bhat is a freelance travel writer and photographer. While he is not writing for India Travel Blog, you can see him exploring the corners of India, be it trekking in the high mountains, looking out for colorful birds in the forest, immersed in the country s ancient architecture, relaxing in a beach or searching for less known locations. Some day he hopes to document the beauty of India in words and pictures, end to end.
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