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Mangalore is located in India and attracts a flurry of tourists from all over the world. Mangalore Travel Guide is your ultimate one-stop guide to all the resources you need to make your journey eventful and hassle free. Find a comprehensive set of travel options in Mangalore like hotels. Also read numerous reviews on Mangalore - city life, shopping and nightlife from travelers in India or even write your own!
The place houses so many nice churches ; restaurants ; some real old ... by Shweta Rao
City with cultural and linguastic diversities. Good beaches to see ... by Praveen
mangalore is the fastest growing city..... nd has best cool ... by Vijay Shenoy !
Dont remember any names..but the place has some yummy fish curry ... by Shweta Rao
You will enjoy the food at Mangalore. It has got both the Karnataka ... by Praveen
abhimaan ; ayodhya.... alll fish item rocks..... ... by Vijay Shenoy !
Not a great shopping place as compared to other ciities of India ; ... by Praveen
Nothing favourite about these shops ; but I ALWAYS got my number for ... by Shweta Rao
big bazaar ; saibeen complex... empire mall ; bharath mall ... by Vijay Shenoy !
Night life is good. City does not sleep too early ; but not awake too ... by Praveen
can hang out in 0degree ; liquid lounge...... n my fav mangala ... by Vijay Shenoy !
Nightlife to me in Mangalore means lying on the beach. ... by Shweta Rao
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Manjarun Hotel
Old Port Road,...